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POSTED AUG 13, 2014

For properties with modern décor, or areas where space is limited such as hotel rooms or conference suites, traditional equipment racking may not be appropriate or possible to install. Now Crestron has come up with the ideal solution where a rack isn’t even needed.

Crestron has commenced shipping its new TSCW-730 Touch Screen Control System, describing it as ‘a complete, space-saving control solution in one elegant wall mount device.’ The TSCW touch screen features an integrated 3-Series control system which supports the integration of AV devices along with climate control, security, etc.

Byron Wendling, Technology Manager at Crestron says, “When using the TSCW-730 you don’t need to homerun control cables back to a central rack. Better still, you don’t need a rack or additional furniture to house the control system. Installations don’t get any cleaner than that.”

The 7-inch TSCW-730 Touch Screen Control System has a capacitive display and is able to take advantage of Crestron Smart Graphics™. It can display H.264 video, while its on-board Rava® SIP intercom technology allows users to make intercom or phone calls directly from the touch screen. The system features both Ethernet and Cresnet® control, with Cresnet providing the communications backbone, designed to make it easy to add keypads, lighting controls, shades, thermostats and sensors to the system.

While the TSCW-730 can be wall mounted, there are other installation options available, such as a table top kit, sold separately and a surface mount kit, also sold separately, which allows the system to be fixed securely to any flat surface, including marble, granite and glass.

Interested? If you would like to discuss what system would be best suited to your commercial or residential property contact us at Home Control Solutions.  We are always more than happy to help.

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